21 de agosto de 2012

Preview: Those Usual Suspects & Nordean ft. Erik Hecht – Burn Forever [Phazing]

Os australiano da Those Usual Suspects, ficaram conhecido mundialmente após o  sucesso Walking Alone juntamente com Dirty South. Desta vez o trio vem com sua nova musica Burn Forever ao lado de Nordean e belíssimos vocais de Erik Hecht. Extraído do ultimo podcast de Dirty South a nova musica será lançada em breve pela Phazing Records.
The Australian Those Usual Suspects, became known worldwide after the successful 'Walking Alone' along with 'Dirty South'. This time the threesome comes with his new song Burn Forever alongside Nordean and beautiful vocals from Erik Hecht. Excerpted from the last podcast of the new Dirty South music will be launched soon by Phazing Records.

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